jueves, 8 de septiembre de 2016

Film and series

Films and Series is a subject that has been offered for the first time at school this term.
As its title suggests, it deals with films and series.  The main idea is make students achieve that range of vocabulary used on a daily basis by native speakers which is mirrored in the show through the characters. At the same time, it makes students tell the difference between colloquial expressions and bookish vocabulary. So, it was decided that students will not watch series, they will make them.  It is a- four- chapter- sitcom that the students  have to develop.
 I hope you enjoy the best first chapter presented by Nicolas Babaro, Santiago Ortega, Joel Mendoza  Facundo Krivanek.

We Would like to thank, Ramiro Gayo, for helping us in the development of the Sitcom and for accepting our invitation to participate in this project, Nicolás Babaro, Joel Mendoza, Santiago Ortega and Facundo Krivanek.